Alter Template Folders in the Work Binders Created for Next Period

Alter Template Folders in the Work Binders Created for Next Period

Production Work Binders can be created by rolling a Work Binder forward, or by adding Work Binder(s) from Templates.
A Binder Template folder cannot be deleted if a Work Binder based on that template has a document in a folder you wish to delete. You'll know if this is true because the system will not allow you to delete it. When this happens you can:
  • Rename the Binder Template by right clicking on it and choosing Properties.
  • What ever the template is, alter it by adding zz_ DO NOT USE to the beginning of the binder name
  • You could additionally add the years used at the end of the template name.
  • e.g. Individual Tax becomes zz_DO NOT USE Individual Tax - 2017 and prior
  • This will make the template you don't want staff to use appear at the bottom of the binder template list if staff attempts to add a binder from template because of how we altered the template name.
  • Copied the renamed Binder Template by right clicking on it and choosing Copy. Give it the same name it had prior to renaming (example: Individual Tax). When copying a template this way you will also a notice a choice to assign a Binder Year. Leave Binder Year blank.  
  • Open the newly copied binder template and delete the folder(s) you don't want to use moving forward.
    • The folder in question can be deleted the Binder Template in this case because the template is brand new and no production binders have been created based on it.
  • The next time you make a Work Binder based on this template it will include the alterations you made.
    • *This means you cannot roll forward the current year binders. If you roll them forward the new binders will have folders based on the prior year / template. You will need to create the new binders for the period in question one time by Adding them from the template you made and altered. 
  • Once you've copied binders one time from the new template you can go back to rolling them forward in future periods because they will be associated with the new binder.
  • If you are unsure, feel free to attempt these steps once in a test client to see if the results are as you expect.
Please let us know if you have any questions or require assistance.   

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