Doc.It Web Portal 4.5 Deployment Guide and IT Checklist.

Doc.It Web Portal 4.5 Deployment Guide and IT Checklist.

With Doc.It 4.6 now available, be sure to refer to the 4.6 Technical Requirements document attached when sizing your Doc.It server and Gateway Server to be ready for eventual 4.6 migration.

Note:  The Doc.It Client Portal requires a valid email address and SMTP authentication to send notifications to external recipients.
Attached is the Portal Deployment Guide where you will find a Verification Tool and a Checklist to help complete all necessary items ahead of the Doc.It installation date. 
There are additional steps involved when upgrading from Portal 4.0/4.1 (see below the diagram)
When the Verification Tool passes (on both the Gateway Server and the Doc.It Server), an email is generated and we will be in touch shortly after.

Contact us at anytime for assistance.

Note:  This configuration requires a Multi-Domain SANs or Wild Card SSL Certificate.
Room for up to 5 domain names needed.  This includes 1 optional, and 2 for future upgrade to 4.6 Portal.


**For firms that are upgrading from legacy Doc.It portal 4.x:

Legacy: If you have been on portal, with no major upgrades, for roughly 2 years or more.

In order to properly migrate the portal data, we will need the following from the firm:

- Existing portal database. \\<portalserver>\Doc-ItWebPortal\Manager\ PORTAL.FDB
- Existing Doc.It Server database. \\<docitserver>\Doc-ItServer\Manager\ WipFlowDN.FDB
- Listing of the files and paths in the existing portal (\\<portalserver>Doc-ItWebPortal\WebFolders). In order to do this:
      a. Open CMD Prompt
      b. Navigate to the "WebFolders" folder mentioned above
      c. The commands are:
             dir /a:d /s /b /o > DirectoryFoldersListing.txt
            dir /b /a-d /s *.* | sort > DirectoryFilesListing.txt 
      d. The files created have to be forwarded along with the database files.


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