Setting up ScanSnap with Doc-It

Setting up ScanSnap with Doc-It

1. Right click the Snap Scan icon in the systray and select "Scan Button Settings.."

2. Uncheck the "Use Quick Menu" box and set the Application to "Scan to File"

3. Where you point the "Image saving folder"
    The image above will have the Save folder as the local FilesToInbox folder.  This option requires ScanSnap to perform the OCR.  Proceed to step 4.
    Doc.It Watch can perform OCR and ScanSnap configuration complete. 
    Example path to Doc.It Watch watching share: \\<WATCHSERVER>\UsersFolders\username Note: No OCR required from ScanSnap

4. For ScanSnap to perform OCR and not Doc.It Watch see the settings above.

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