Restore a deleted Work Binder

Restore a deleted Work Binder

Instructions to restore a work binder that was previously deleted.

When a Doc.It Work Binder is deleted from a client in the Doc.It system, the binder is not completely removed from the system. It is marked “Deleted” and made available to be purged from the system with the Doc.It Purge Manager. This allows a user the freedom to restore the work binder, but only if it hasn’t been previously purged from the system. Once a work binder is purged from the system completely there is no way to restore it.

Please follow the instructions below to restore a work binder that has not been purged from the Doc.It system.

      1.      Open Binder Explorer and then click on the Quick Search  button in the upper left.

      2.      Set the “Deleted” field too “Yes”. Option – set the client or other information if applicable. This will limit the results of the Quick Search to that client.

      3.      Click “Search”.

      4.      Locate the work binder that you would like to restore from the results list and right click it. Go to “Binder Actions à Restore Binder”

      5.      You will notice that the work binder is removed from the search results.

      6.      Go to the client, you will notice a work binder listed with the other live work binders that has “_Deleted” at the end of the work binder name.

      7.      To remove “_Deleted” from the work binder name, right click the binder and go to “Binder Properties”.

      8.      In the “Binder Name” field adjust the name then click “Save”

Caution! You will not be able to adjust the work binder name if there is another binder with the same name already present for that client.

Please contact support if you need further assistance. Send an email to [email protected] or call 888-693-6248 (Ext 2).

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