Removal of Doc.It v3 when Doc.It v4 is installed.

Removal of Doc.It v3 when Doc.It v4 is installed.

V3 Removal Tool (Feb 2015)

The following steps will help you remove Doc-It Suite 3 when Doc.It Suite 4 is installed on the same computer.

1. Download the above uninstallation tool.

2. Progress through the prompts.

3. The tool will uninstall Suite 3 and then automatically repair the shared components of Suite 4.

NOTE: In some cases, the repair does not complete and you will experience errors upon launching Doc.It Suite 4. If this occurs, simply go to your Control Panel --> Programs & Features, locate Doc.It 4 in your list of programs and select Repair. Repairing Doc.It 4 again should resolve the issue.

As always, should you run into any issues please contact Doc.It Support.

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