Installing Doc.It Scan as a Stand-Alone Application

Installing Doc.It Scan as a Stand-Alone Application

There are times when a computer requires Doc.It Scan, but not the entire Doc.It Suite.

NOTE: If this is a remote setup where the user is scanning over the internet into a Citrix or RDS server, then please refer to the following KB: How to Setup Remote Scanning
After installing the TWAIN drivers for your scanner, continue with the 3 steps below.

1. Install using the following msi, accepting all the defaults -  \\DOCITSERVER\Client Setup\Install OCR\Doc.It OCR_Scan_Watch Setup T309 v4.0.12.msi

2. Install the OCR Engine using the following exe file - C:\Program Files (x86)\Doc-It\Third Party\OCRSetup33.exe

3. Edit the following two text files with the name of your Doc.It Server and save - C:\Users\GJK440\AppData\Roaming\Doc-ItTemp\Serverpath.txt,  Networkpath.txt

i.e. \\<server>\doc-itserver  - replace <server> with your Doc.It server computer name

Contact support with any issues

phone (888)693-6248 (Ext 2) via email to [email protected]
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