How to Setup Remote Scanning

How to Setup Remote Scanning

Hello Doc.It administrators!


Please refer to the following document in order to setup remote scanning for users who would like to be able to scan documents over Remote Desktop Services or Citrix sessions.


Setup is basically as follows, but the document below will help you understand all the working parts, and prerequisites. 

If these simple steps don't work, refer to the manual below to troubleshoot:

1. Download and run the following installer file on the local computer with local scanner installed.  Installer File:  Remote Scan Setup

2. Connect to Citrix or Windows Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) and start the Doc.It Router (Right Click the yellow Doc.It icon in the system tray and click on Auto-Start\Doc.It Router)   NOTE: please make sure the C:\ drive is visible via the remote session. 


3. Start Doc.It Scan from the shortcut on the local desktop and test scanning.  The file should eventually arrive in your Doc.It Inbox on the remote server.

Remote Scan Setup and Manual

As always, if you have any questions please submit a new ticket and we'll be happy to assist you.


Doc.It Support

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