How do I finalize Doc.It Suite Work Binders?

How Do I Finalize Doc.It Work Binders?

Follow Instructions below, or download the Attached Finalize Procedure for Doc.It Work Binders.docx in this post / knowledge base article. Follow them. And keep them for your personal reference. Please contact Doc.It Support with questions by submitting them via, via email to [email protected], or by calling (888) 693-6248 x 2.


*Because finalizing a binder deletes all documents that are in a binder that have been deleted while the job was in progress, and also deletes the revision history of all the remaining documents in a binder, some firms elect to lock work binders if there will be a period of time between when the job is considered complete and when the work binder(s) will be finalized.

**Since locking a binder does not delete deleted documents or document revision history, it allows for a look back at deleted documents and revision histories. “Lock Binder” is on the same right click Binder Actions Menu as “Finalize Binder”.

***Binders can be finalized even if the Publication Engine is not running on the Doc.It Watch computer or server. Publishing and Rolling Binders forward, does require the Publication Engine to be running.




1.       When a Binder is Assigned to You in Doc.It Workflow on Your Assigned to Me Saved Search in Binder Explorer:

·         If you are finalizing a single work binder, right click and choose Binder Actions -> Finalize from the right click context menu.

·         You will be prompted for a confirmation and then warned that finalizing removes deleted documents, revision histories and that the binder will be read only.

·         Click Yes.


2.       From Binder Explorer When You Want to Find Many Binders of a Particular Type and Finalize them at Once:

·         Use the Saved Searches drop down dialog to display, filter and sort Work Binders you wish to finalize.

o    Start with the Saved Search called Work Binders (not finalized)

o    Filter this list:

·         First by Binder Name

·         Then by the Binder State (Completed)

·         Then by Published condition (Yes)

·         This will result in a list of Binders that could be finalized

·         All, or a range, of these Work Binders can be selected with Shift / Click or Control / Click combinations.

·         Once the Binders you wish to finalize have been selected:

o    Right click on one of the selected Binders and choose Binder Actions -> Finalize from the right click context menu.   

·         You will be prompted for a confirmation followed by a summary window of the Binders you have selected.

o    Click the Finalize button.

·         You will be prompted with a dialog box reminding you that Finalizing a Work Binder will get rid of old revisions of documents and deleted documents. Also, that Finalized Binders are Read Only.

·         Click Yes.

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