How do I create a stamp of my initials for use in the PDF Editor?

How do I create a stamp of my initials for use in the PDF Editor?

Method One - Stamps Palette

  • 1 Open a blank MS Word document
  • 2 Select a font
  • 3 Select a font size (when I use Arial Bold I start with either 9 or 10 point)
  • 4 Select a font color for your initials (I recommend something other than black because it is used as background text)
  • 5 Type your initials in the Word Document
  • 6 Print the word document to your Doc.It 4 PDF Printer
  • 7 When the PDF lands in your Doc.It Inbox, drag it to your desktop so you can browse for it (in a step below)
  • 8 Open any PDF other than the one you just put on your desktop
  • 9 In the PDF Editor
    • Click the stamp tool
    • Then click Stamps Palette at the bottom of the stamps window
    • Click once on the stamp collection name Signatures above the prepared / reviewed / signed stamps
    • Click the New From File button at the top of the window to browse for the PDF you put on your desktop and click Open once you've selected it
    • There will be a section at the bottom of the window that pops up that says New Stamp Options
      • The stamp title field allows you to control what the help / hover text will say when you move your mouse over the stamp
      • The Target Collection field lets you choose which collection of stamps in the stamps palette your new stamp will be placed in
    • Click OK 
    • Find your new stamp in the stamps palette, select it by clicking once on it, then click somewhere on your PDF to check to see how you like the color, size and font.
  • If you wish to delete a stamp you've created, click once on the stamp you wish to delete and then click the delete button at the top of the window
  • *** It is very important that you click only on the stamp you wish to delete. If you click instead on the name of the stamp collection (Standard, Signatures, Tickmarks) and do not click only on the specific stamp you wish to delete, you may delete an entire stamp collection.
  • If you wish to create another version of your stamp with different properties (color, font, size), the steps outlined here can be repeated.

Method Two - Document Menu

The steps above will place your stamp on the stamps palette but your stamp will not lock or flatten by default. This means anyone can move or remove it unless you right click on it and choose "Flatten". **If you do flatten a stamp it cannot be unflattened or deleted.
  • The alternate approach is to make the stamp as described in the first seven steps above and then:
  • Open a PDF 
  • Select the Document Menu at the top of the window, then Signatures and Initials, and then Manage
  • Clicking Add New - > Import from File will allow you to browse for the PDF you created and saved to your desktop
  • Once selected you will see a Signature Name field, this allows you have help / hover text describing the stamp
    • You'll also notice a password field that you can enable such that nobody without the password would be able to use your stamp.
    • Before using a password to further protect a stamp, consider that using it will be more click and type intensive due to needing to input the password.
  • After you click OK, and then Close to get out of the Manage Signatures & Initials window you can test applying the stamp of your initials by:
    • Clicking the Document Menu and then Signatures Initials and then your new stamp
    • Once your stamp is selected you can move your mouse over the document and place your stamp
  • The difference you'll notice between a stamp on the stamps palette vs one created this way, on the Document -> Signatures & Initials menu, is that this method will automatically pop up  a reminder to flatten your stamp after you apply it. 

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