How do I add licenses to Doc.It Suite 4.5?

How do I add licenses to Doc.It Suite 4.5?

Doc.It Suite 4.5 – Adding Additional User Licenses

In Maintenance - > Users

The number of licenses in use and the total number of licenses available is viewable in the upper right corner (highlighted in the screenshot above).

To add additional licenses:

Click Maintenance – Licensing (lower left corner of screenshot below)

 The Licensing Renew & Update dialog will appear as in the following screenshot

You will see your total current number of licenses (the highlighted portion of the screenshot above). Change that total to the total number of licenses you wish to have.

  • e.g. In the example above, if I wanted to increase from 30 licenses to 32 licenses, I would enter 32 in the field next to Total Number of Licenses.

Click the button labeled Email License Request

  • This will open an email message that’s already addressed to Doc.It Support with a subject line and message body (including a summary and an encrypted string of characters)

  • Click Send on the email message

    • The email will arrive at Doc.It and automatically notify you that a support ticket has been created. Doc.It personnel will then create a new encrypted license code and return it to you via email.

When you receive the email containing the new license encrypted string:

  • Copy the new encrypted string of characters and paste it into the License Renew & Update window (screenshot below), in the box beneath “When new license code is received from Doc.It, input below to update:”

  • Then click Apply New Code


After these steps are complete you can confirm the new license count in the License Renew & Update window (above) AND by opening Maintenance -> Users (below) to see the count of total licenses in use / total licenses available.

If you have any issues or questions please contact the Doc.It Support Team by:

  • Phone – 888-693-6248 ext 2

  • Email –

  • Or via the web @    

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