Doc.It Watch (Version 3 Only) - Troubleshooting

Doc.It Watch (Version 3 Only) - Troubleshooting

Stuck on Processing:

If Doc-It Watch is stuck "Processing" a single file in the bottom pane you will need to locate and remove that file using the following steps:

- STOP Watch and shutdown Doc.It Watch, and use Task Manager to kill Doc.ItOCR.exe or Doc.ItWatch.exe processes in case they remain running.
- Go to the path shown in the "Watching Folder" field of the Watch interface and perform a search for the file name to locate it.
- Once located, remove the document by moving it out of the sub-folder on to the desktop.
- Launch and START Doc.It Watch and see if it resumes processing any backlogged documents, otherwise send a test scan

Reprocessing page x:

Please use the following to clear-up any "Reprocessing" pages when they occur in the right side pane of the Watch interface. **If this happens often, check that your anti-virus has the %appdata%\Doc-ItTemp folder excluded from any real-time scanning.

On the Doc.It Watch machine, STOP Watch, and close it. Check the Windows Task Manager to ensure that no Doc.It process is running, especially Doc-ItWatch.exe and Doc-ItOCR.exe - if either are still running, use the END TASK button to stop the process.

Next, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\{*UserName*}\Application Data\Doc-ItTemp
or C:\Users\{*UserName*}\AppData\Roaming\Doc-ItTemp
(where {*UserName*} is the name of the logged-in user account)

The following sub-folders (any that are present) are to have their contents deleted:
- ScanTemp
- RTKTemp

Once this is completed, launch and START Watch, then test scanning.

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