Doc.It Watch 4 - V4 to V4 Update or Installation from Scratch

Doc.It Watch 4 - V4 to V4 Update or Installation from Scratch

Hello Doc-It users!


Already using Watch 4 and need to update - simply uninstall both Doc.It Watch 4 and Doc.It OCR 4 from Programs and Features and install the latest copies from "\\DOCIT SERVER\Client Setup\Install OCR"


Installing From Scratch

- Install of Watch V4 and OCR V4 components and configuration

Browse to "\\DOCIT SERVER\Client Setup\Install OCR" and run the following two installers.

a. Doc.It OCR Setup v4.0.xx.msi
b. Doc.It Watch Setup v4.0.xx.msi

Double click on "Doc.It Watch 4" shortcut on desktop
a. Go to Edit\Settings and fill in the server path field with unc path. i.e. \\docitservername\Doc-ItServer and click Save
b. Check the following boxes: Auto Start, OCR Non-Text PDF files, OCR Graphics And Faxes, Auto Rotate Documents and Auto De-skew
c. Click 'Start Watch'

Double click on "Doc.It OCR 4" shortcut on desktop
a. Go to Settings and click Auto-Start
b. First Field: Click on browse button and browse to c:\OCRFolders click 'Make New Folder' button and name it OCR1 - highlight this folder and click OK
c. Second Field: Click on browse button and browse to \\docitservername\Doc-ItServer\FileToArchive - and click OK
d. Click Save and Start

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