Doc.It Server 3.x Migration to new hardware

Doc.It Server 3.x Migration to new hardware

For all clients moving the Doc.It V3 server components to another location (whether internal or external), the procedure that is required is a “Doc.It Server Migration”. This is very straightforward and usually requires no intervention from Doc.It Support. Most firms have accomplished this very easily, and I provide the instructions to you here. Please carefully read this email in its entirety.

Attached to this article are several documents:

• Doc.It Migration Procedure – steps to performing a successful Doc.It server migration. It would be a good idea to review this document more than once. There is extremely important information on Pg6 with regards to Windows Server 2008 and up.
• The Windows 7 & Server 2008 compatibility documentation. (This also applies to Windows 8, Server 2011 and Server 2012.)
• SMB document -- this registry entry must be made on the Doc.It Server in order for Doc.It V3 to function without data-corruption.

Note that you will need to take into consideration that if the name of the new server is different than the current Doc.It Server, each client system (running Doc.It Suite) will also have to have two files changed (ServerPath.txt and NetworkPath.txt).

Note2 If running the Doc-It Web Portal the following files will need to updated as well if either the servername or drive letter changes after the migration: \Doc-ItServer\Manager\Firebird\DocItDBConnect.txt \Doc-ItWebPortal\Manager\Firebird\DocItDBConnect.txt

Further, if the system being replaced was also a domain controller, and therefore the closest DC to the Doc.It Server, a file by the name of DOMAINNAME.TXT will have to be changed to reflect the NetBIOS name for the closest DC once the Doc.It Server has been migrated. The file is located in the “Doc-ItServer\Manager” folder.

If there is a change in the domain name that occurs with the migration, then when you take the backup of the Doc.It Server, do NOT backup the share and permissions as these will become invalid in the new domain anyway. In this case, the change of the domain, after the restore is completed to the new server, it will be necessary to run the InitializeSecurity.exe utility that exists in the “Doc-ItServer\Manager\Programs”. This will reset the security to the Doc.It Server installation defaults. You can then reference the old Doc.It Server for any changes from the default – for the Archives only! – that have been made using the Doc.It Administrator. You will use the Doc.It Administrator on the new server to re-apply the permissions – DO NOT USE Windows Explorer to perform permissions steps to the Doc.It Archives!

The software used to perform the backup must have an Open File Option so that files and the database (especially the later as it is never closed) that are being accessed at the time of the backup are still included.

Last, as the last step after the restoration – and BEFORE allowing end-user access – a third step is to run Doc.ItMigration#3.exe (link below) which processes the file ClientPaths.DAT updating the information contained within by changing the older server’s name to the new server’s name. Of course, if the old and new server are the same name this step is not necessary. NOTE: If you see a warning that the file CLIENTPATHS.DAT is zero length, this could simply mean that there has never been a Client Import run to populate the file and that perhaps your firm does not use the WIP Binders functionality of Doc.It.

Here is a link to download the utility Doc.ItMigration#3.exe if it does not already exist on the Doc.It server:

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