Doc.It 4.5 Latest Release v4.5.335 (October 2021)

Doc.It 4.5 Latest Release v4.5.335 (October 2021)

Below are the links and instructions to update your organization to the latest Doc-It Suite 4.5 software.

Doc-It Server and Suite Update Instructions

Plan for users to be out of Doc-It and Office applications or logged out of the Terminal Server/Citrix server (if applicable) for a time period of 20 - 30 minutes.

With all users out of Doc-It and MS Office:

  1. Before the latest Doc-it update is installed, Framework 4.8 from Microsoft needs to be installed. To check and see if 4.8 Framework is install you can open PowerShell and run the following command:
    (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full").Release -ge 528040.
    A return of True means that 4.8 Framework is installed.
    Here is a link to the 4.8 Framework offline installer. A restarted is required after 4.8 Framework is installed.
  2. You must have Office 2013 or higher installed to use the new Outlook Addin
  3. Once step 1 has been completed download the Doc-It Update Package to the disk of your Doc-It server. 
  4. Extract and run the 'Doc-It Updater.exe' file contained. **Contact Doc-It Support if there is any red text on this window (see below)
  5. Click the 'Apply Updates' button and allow to run until you are presented with the 'Doc-It Database Upgrader' utility
  6. Doc-It Database Upgrader Utility: a) Select your country from the 'Firm Location' drop down.  b) Click the 'Perform Standard Update' button and observe the Status Section at the bottom (you should see it progress to DB Version 5.01)
  7. Click 'OK' then 'Close' on the 'Doc-It Database Upgrader'
  8. Start Doc-It Suite 4.x on the workstations and allow the updates to install
  9. For Terminal Services(RDS)/Citrix environments, login in with administrator credentials and place server into "Install" mode, then launch 'Doc-It Suite 4'

Attn:  Important information regarding the Binder Explorer and Update 4.5.2xx if you are coming from 4.5.1xx follows:

Rearranging columns by drag-and-drop in the Binder Explorer will no longer persist after restarting Doc-It Suite.  Instead, any custom column ordering, sorting, and filtering will be done via the Universal Reporter.

We urge Doc-It users and administrators to review the attached document titled Binder Explorer Overview and watch the linked video below before this update is applied. Attn: IT administrators,  please forward this note and said document and link to the Doc-It end users.


Binder Explorer Update Training Video

Issues Applying Update?

Should you run into issues with the update, Submit a Ticket with the subject “Help with Doc-It Update” or call 1-888-693-6248 Option 2

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