AutoFile Common Issues

AutoFile Common Issues

These are common issues with the AutoFile configuration. Issues are normally related to initial setup errors or if changes are made to other areas in the Doc.It system that are related to the AutoFile setup.

  1. When using AufoFile to send a document to a Work Binder, make sure that the client has a Work Binder present to receive the document with the correct year. The that is being picked up as part of the rule setup must match the year of the binder.
  2. If documents are not processing with the AutoFile, check to make sure that the AutoFile Service is started on the Doc.It Server. You may need help from your IT person or provider to do so.
  3. Client Type is a part of every AutoFile rule and is a common issue when a rule doesn't work. If there are issues with certain fils not routing correctly, check the Client Type setting in the AutoFile rule and compare that to the Client Type for the client with the routing issues.
  4. AutoFile to the Doc.It Archive requires the use of a Policy. When the destination is set to the Archive as part of the rule setup a policy must be selected. Common issues with Policies are during the initial setup, but other issues are also possible if setting are changed specifically if a folder is changed in the Archive that is directly associated to a policy that is being used with an AutoFile rule.

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