Assigned to Me columns not in the same order as my Default Search

Assigned to Me columns not in the same order as my Default Search


  • I have configured a customized default search in Binder Explorer. Why are my columns in the correct order when I open Binder Explorer but, when I select the "Assigned to Me" saved search, the columns are not ordered correctly anymore?



  1. The “Assigned to Me” saved search is owned by the Admin account and can only be modified by the Admin account in Universal Reporter. When you are logged in as yourself and you configure a default search for Binder Explorer, it can only apply to reports / searches created by you, logged in as you, in Universal Reporter. There are two options I am aware of for altering “Assigned to Me":
    1. Log in as Admin and alter the “Assigned to Me” report in Universal Reporter. This will cause everyone in the firm to see their “Assigned to Me” saved search the same way (the way you alter it).
    2. Or – You can, while logged in as yourself, use Universal Reporter to create a new (Clone) Saved Search named similarly to, but different than, “Assigned to Me”, customize it the way you wish, and then it will only be available to you unless you make available to others by making it public in Universal Reporter.

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